The party all met whilst having dancing lessons. For Fiddlesticks' mission Cobblespot was employed because of his tinkering abilities and the two humans, Ritch and Riley, were included for good luck. Ricardo the elf was considered useful as he could supposedly do magic.

They have been working for Fiddlesticks for a few weeks now and in their mission to scout the well there was an orc scouting party that attacked them. They had only been working with Tobias for a week or 2 prior to Tobias' death but having this be the first time they had lost a member there is a sombre mood on the party.

The party begins the week sitting in a bar in Balamb.


While in the bar in Balamb they are offered water from the barkeep as payment from Fiddlesticks for their previous mission. Ricardo bottles his water and the rest drink their own. Cobblepot attempts to construct a water purification system out of the forks at the table. Ricardo makes a scene by casting Wall of Fog so that Cobblepot can sneak his fork creation out. Unfortunately it attracts the bar owner instead and causes more of a situation. They then leave the bar to meet up with Fiddlesticks to inform him about the previous mission.

Meeting with FiddlesticksEdit

Upon meeting with Fiddlesticks the party tells him that their mission was a success and that they have found the well which Cobblepot describes as unguarded. Fiddlesticks tells them that they need to go back to the well to "test it". He gives Ritch an orb for them to bring the water back in. Ritch throws the orb to Ricardo to carry.

Meeting Lavos & the StrangerEdit

After leaving their meeting with Fiddlesticks Ritch questions Cobblepot on the usefullness of his water filter. Ricardo attempts to slab Ritch but misses. In retaliation Ritch manages to disrobe Ricardo before the guards outside Fiddlesticks' home order them to stop. As it is Friday night some of the party decide to go dancing whilst Ricardo wants to start the mission. Ricardo thus attempts to cast sleep on Ritch but without realising casts it on the rest of the party (and Riley's horse). This attracts the anger of the guards outside Fiddlesticks' house.

Ricardo bribes the guards with water to help him carry the rest of the party to the inn to sleep. As they are carrying the unconscious party members the ground starts shaking as Lavos starts walking unobservantly towards the town. This scares off the guards helping Ricardo carry the rest of the party. The tremours from Lavos' footsteps however wake up the rest of the sleeping party members. Ritch notices that Ricardo no longer has the orb on him since their scrap and that their horse is back outside Fiddlesticks' house.

The two humans run back towards Fiddlesticks' house and Cobblepot and Ricardo follow them. They calm the horse down from the tremors and Cobblepot rides the horse. Ritch and Ricardo look for the orb on the ground around the horse and eventually find broken glass. They all start running to avoid Lavos but suddenly the giant stops before the town and doesn't move. As the party stare up at Lavos Ritch notices a cloaked human figure with a hood over his head start walking towards to the party. Ritch draws his sword which causes the rest of the party notice the figure.

Suddenly Lavos raises his right foot and is about to smash his foot on top of where the party is located. The robed man snaps his fingers and everyone freezes except Riley and then he walks towards her. They engage in conversation and he then gives the following riddle:

"Three lives have I: Gentle enough to soothe skin, light enough to fly in the sky, strong enough to crack rocks."

When Riley is unable to answer the riddle he snaps his fingers again and the rest of the party become unfrozen. Riley repeats the riddle to Ritch who then gives the answer "water" to the riddle. The robbed man states that he and Lavos are old friends and felt bad for the party and didn't want them to die so he intervened. When asked he simply calls himself "the Stranger" and that he will answer one question truthfully and then leave and let them continue with their lives.

Ritch asks the stranger "where do humans come from?" To which the stranger tells them that that is the one question he is trying to find out for himself and cannot answer it. Stating that he answered the one question truthfully he vanishes as does the giant foot that was about to crush them. The party notice that a dwarf has appeared down the road.

They approach the dwarf who has some slightly torn cloths with red eyes and hair. The dwarf apologises to the party saying that he "didn't see them down there". As the dwarf walks away the party call to him saying that they would show him around town. The dwarf Lavos is shocked by this offer and engages them in more conversation. They then take Lavos to a bar and start dancing. This eventually bores him so Ricardo sings to him and then Ritch teaches him how to dance whilst Riley goes to play poker. When they decide to go to sleep they agree to meet up with Lavos in the morning. That night Ritch dreams of watching his family die.

When they meet up with Lavos in the morning he states that he will depart them. As he leaves the town he transforms back into a giant golem and continues on his way. The party is then approached by two enforcers that tells them that Fiddlesticks wishes to see them.

To the wellEdit

When they meet with Fiddlesticks he asks why they didn't introduce Lavos to him. The party explain that they saved the town from being crushed and that this is the reason why they have not collected the water yet. Riley asks for another orb to use as they gave the previous orb to Lavos. Fiddlesticks says that he had expected them to break it and that he knows Cobblepot has a vial that he can use. After their meeting with Fiddlesticks the party set out towards the well.

When the party reach the well they see a few goblins around it. Ritch marches directly towards them and calls out to them. He tells them that this is his well and that it belongs to his people. Ritch attempts to lure the goblins towards him by faking a coughing fit but the goblins just continue to stare at him so instead he draws his sword and threatens them. Whilst Ritch has their attention on him he rotates around the goblins so that they turn their backs to where the rest of the party are in hiding. After the whole party engage in combat one of the goblins that had a horn pulls it out and blows into it.

After the party defeats the goblins the final one that blew the horn threatens the party, telling them that they are all dead after the support he called with the horn arrives. He then continues to blow the horn and dodges the advances that the party make towards him. Ritch eventually takes the horn off him and pushes him to the ground, asking him how many he has called. Cobblepot goes to the well and draws some of the water from within it to test it. Ritch orders the goblin to go meet with the caravan he has called and to tell them to go find another well. The party then start heading back to town after Cobblepot has collected the water.

Back to FiddlesticksEdit

During the night they make camp off road in the rubbles of a tower to avoid the goblin caravan. The next day they make it back to town and meet with Fiddlesticks. When the party show up Fiddlesticks is talking with a Spriggan; their conversation makes reference to someone called "Darth". The party wait for them to finish their conversation and then Cobblepot gives Fiddlesticks the vial of water he collected from the well and Ritch informs them that they encoutered some goblins and a caravan at the well. Ritch asks for some horses to take out the goblin caravan but states there are too many goblins for them to take out by themselves.

Fiddlesticks instead asks for the party to escort his crew to the well that are going to collect the water. He does not have any men to spare in dealing with the goblin caravan as he sent his men north so they are not to engage the goblins. The party accept the mission and go back to the inn. That night 100 gold is delievered to Cobblepot as payment from Fiddlesticks. Ritch has a dream, this time as the killer that killed his family.


The next day the party meet with the caravan they are to escort to the well, the leader being Corvasse. The caravan have 2 handaxes and 3 spears for the party to equip and the escort consisted of 4 mechanics and 3 goblin warriors in the caravan. Cobblepot distributes the 100 gold he received the previous night between the party. Whilst travelling the party overhear Corvasse say to his caravan that he can't believe that Darth owns the town now. One of those travelling with the caravan called Soladrin recognises Riley from the poker game she played.

When the party approach the well there is no one there so the mechanics in the caravan head over to start drawing the water. Ricardo and Riley notice tracks from a wagon near the well and the mechanics shout out that the well is dry. The party decide to head after the tracks and in the direction the goblin with the horn ran earlier to see if they can catch the wagon. Corvasse sends the mechanics back to town to ask Fiddlesticks for reinforcements but keeps the goblin warriors with the party.

The group follow the wagon tracks until they spot the caravan setting up camp for the night. Corvasse then informs the party that he and the other 2 warriors have never been in a fight before. Whilst the party discuss how they are going to deal with the goblin caravan Corvasse says he knows what to do and walks off to the camp. He smears oil over his chest to block out any insignia and approaches the goblins at the camp and starts a conversation with them. One of the larger goblin in the camp stands up and heads over to Corvasse, taking out his sword and putting it to Corvasse's throat. Ritch charges in and throws his spear at the larger goblin but misses and it hits a pot, turning it over on the fire which ignites the camp and burns one of the goblins. As Ritch entered the camp the other 2 goblin warriors that were with Corvasse flee. Cobblepot then commands the leader "immolate" which forces him to jump into the fire.

Ricardo runs to the caravan holding the water pouch to ride it out of the camp and away from the fire but a goblin sees him and draws his shortsword. He slashes it into Ricardo's stomach which throws him to the floor unconscious. Riley gallops past Cobblepot and he jumps on her horse. She takes him the fallen Ricardo to bandage him up. Corvasse attacks the goblin that attacked Ricardo but he misses and knocks himself unconscious.

Meeting NarwhalEdit

During the fight Riley misses several attacks and instead hits the water pouch which causes water to spill out. Eventually the remaining goblin surrenders and Ritch orders him at spearpoint to stop the water pouch from leaking. Corvasse regains consciousness and finds that his men are missing. As Cobblepot is working on the caravan that was hit by Riley he notices a human figure approaching the party from a distance. Cobblepot uses his binoculars to identify a man in a blue robe approaching.

Riley and Cobblepot help Ricardo onto the horse when Cobblepot is suddenly tapped on the shoulder by the robbed man. He asks what they are doing with his water. The remaining goblin from the camp is shaking at the sight of the robbed man which puts Ritch on edge. The man orders the party to leave and points to Ricardo who then regains consciousness and seemingly healed. When asked who he is the goblin identifies him as Narwhal. When Ritch asks who Narwhal is the robbed man approaches and puts his hand on him which floods Ritch's mind information about who he is. Riley asks for some of the water to take back but Ritch rushes over to her and explains who Narwhal is as best he can. Ricardo offers Narwhal the rest of his water from his flask that he bottled from the inn as payment for healing him.

The party get on their remaining horses and leave the remains of the camp as instructed. Later they hear a giant boom from behind them and they see a blue light and a large whale in the sky.

Notable EventsEdit

  • Cobblepot makes a water filter out of forks.
  • The party meet Lavos and a hooded stranger that freezes time.
  • The party see a Spriggan.
  • The party meet Corvasse.
  • The party get 2 handaxes and 3 spears.
  • Ricardo is slashed through the stomach (-9HP).
  • The party meet Narwhal.


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