"the peasant has seen too much"


This week begins after the party's previous encounter with Narwhal during which they gave up the water they were seeking. Narwhal appears to be floating in the sky as a giant whale. Ricardo seems healed from his injuries. Corvasse has still lost his 2 goblin warrior men that originally came along with Fiddlesticks' caravan. No one has levelled yet.


Ritch continues to have bad dreams through the night. Ricardo starts bleeding from a wound that is reappearing across his stomach and no one knows why. Cobblepot heals him which stops the bleeding for now. Argo is very upset after the encounter and won't allow Riley to ride him until he is calmed by Ritch.

Fight with Goblins Outside the TownEdit

They continue to head back towards the town of Balamb when they see the goblin that ran away from the previous battle riding a WorgCorvasse cautions them to run. The goblin is quickly joined by six more Worg-riding goblins and they question the location of the water. The party flee and the goblins pursue them in the direction of Balamb. They fight off the goblins with the help of a well-placed Grease spell by Ricardo and head into town.

Returning to Fiddlesticks Empty-handedEdit

Fiddlesticks is distraught when the party returns without water. He expresses that the water was for Lord Darth of the great city of Narsh, and without it there will be great repercussions. He asks the party to go to Narsh as his representatives to explain the situation and hopefully circumvent his wrath. The party discuss in private whether they should go to Narsh or stay and defend the town of Balamb from any possible future goblin attacks. Whilst this happens they are delivered 500 gold from Fiddlesticks for their work.

Cobblepot and the rest of the party decide to go visit a magic shop that is run by a 12 foot tall shopkeeper called Axelaw. They are shown items and potions that are too expensive for the party to purchase; however Ricardo thinks that some of the potions may be used in defence of the city should there be an attack. They decide to go convince Fiddlesticks to purchase the potions instead. When they reach his house Fiddlesticks appears to have gone to sleep and the guards will not let them proceed past so they go back to the inn. 

Once they get back to the inn Riley goes to see Argo who appears short of breath and in worst shape than before. Cobblepot attempts to show Ricardo tinkering and attempts to use his water filtration system in private. Riley and Ricardo take Argo to the stables to see if they can get help with the horse but the stableman is not able to do anything so Riley goes to see Ritch to see if there is anything he can do. He states that the horse is overworked. He spends time caring for Argo before checking the other horses of the party. That night Ricardo re-lives his death which interrupts his sleeping and memorising spells.

Leaving BalambEdit

In the morning the head to Fiddlesticks but when they get to his house the door opens as they knock on it and no one appears to be inside. Behind his throne is a serving plate with a golden goblet with water in it. Cobblepot empties it into the vial he has on him. Riley finds Fiddlesticks in a room running around frantically throwing items into a bag. He states that he is just re-arranging items in the room and Riley calls the rest of the party towards her. Fiddlesticks attempts to jump out the window but gets stuck whilst Riley grabs hold of him with help of Ritch when he turns up. Fiddlesticks eventually gets to his feet and whilst Riley and Ritch are talking to each other Fiddlesticks runs out the doorway and dodges around Ricardo and Cobblepot as they are coming down the corridor. Ritch throws a hand-axe at his back and hits him to the ground. Ritch drags him back into the room so he will not alert the guards further.

When questioned, Fiddlesticks insults them so Cobblepot commands Fiddlestick to confess. He states that he was attempting to run from town as Darth is going to attack them with his army because they can't deliver water. He describes the army of Darth as being comprised of 2,000 Spriggans. As the party leave Fiddlesticks calls to his guards to arrest them and they enter into the house. When Ritch explains that Fiddlesticks was trying to run from town and leave them for Darth the 2 ogre guards say that they'll deal with it and as the party leave they hear the guards draw their sword and swing it at Fiddlesticks.

The party attempt to warn the town about Darth and his army but few believe them because of the reputation Ricardo has made for himself by casting spells in the town. Riley goes to fetch Argo from the stables. As they are mounted outside the inn one of the ogre guards for Fiddlesticks has a crowd gathered around him as he calls out that his name is Mice, that he killed Fiddlesticks and is now in charge of the town.

The party go to visit the magic shop on their way out of town. The shop is completely emptied, unlocked and Axelaw has disappeared. They ask around Balamb to get water for their travel. Ricardo suggests that they appoint a leader by rotation for their group due to their inability to make fast decisions. Cobblepot does not think Ritch should be included due to his intelligence. They leave Balamb and during their travel the party talk amongst themselves to gain more information on each other's back story. They travel into some mountains where they reach the town of Poft.

Defending PoftEdit

Cobblepot heads to a bar, orders a drink and asks directions to a magic shop. Riley asks some of the elf refugees in Poft where they are from. Ricardo goes in search for the elder of Poft and introduces himself to him. The elder rejects the offer of services from Ricardo, stating that they can handle things for themselves. Riley and Ricardo meet up with Ritch and Cobblepot at the bar. Ritch asks around the bar if anyone knows anything about Darth but no one wants to give any answers although they acknowledge him. The barkeep, when asked by Ritch, tells him that any town that faces Darth should just accept death.

Ricardo recognises the guard for the elder that he met earlier come in and order a drink from the barkeep. He overhears them discuss that a group of goblins with wargs have appeared outside the town and that they need to deal with them tomorrow. Cobblepot gets drunk that night.

In the morning Ricardo tells the party what he overheard last night at the bar when they suddenly hear screams from outside. As they go outside the inn to investigate they see a warg with an elf hand in it's mouth and a goblin riding it. They engage the warg and Cobblepot hits the warg in the stomach, collapsing it to the floor and throwing the goblin to the ground. The guard from last night puts his sword to the fallen goblins throat and questions him. The goblin says that he was following "them" and points to the party. The guard forces his blade into the goblin's throat and tells the party that they must go speak to the elder.

The party follow the guard to the elder where the rest of the members are introduced to him. The guard is dismissed and the elder askes the party to help his men defend the town, although he states he cannot pay well. As the party leave Riley thanks the elder in elvish which cause the elder to ask her to stay. He continues a conversation with her in elvish and asks where she is from. She finds out that the elves have been located in Poft for around 20 years and previously served Mirkwood.

Strange encountersEdit

Once Riley leaves the elder and joins the rest of the party they head to the magic shop in town. As they enter the shop it is the same exact room as the magic shop in Balamb before it was vacated. The shopkeeper looks like Axelaw but when asked he states that he was never in Balamb. The party leave the shop without buying anything.

On the streets a passerby bumps into Cobblepot and helps him up, pulls him closer and tells him that "the peasant has seen too much" and Cobblepot notices that Ritch suddenly has a blue aura behind him. The passerby continues to walk on down the street. Cobblepot recognises the cloak he is wearing as that worn by The Stranger they previously met. Cobblepot shouts out to him "what does it mean?" which cause Ricardo and Ritch to act confused and ask Cobblepot what he's talking. Cobblepot says that he may still be suffering from the amount he drank the night before.

Notable EventsEdit

  • Fiddlesticks is killed.
  • The party leave Balamb.
  • The party arrive at Poft.
  • The party find the same magic shop in Poft as was in Balamb.
  • Cobblepot encounters The Stranger
  • A blue aura seemed to surround Ritch.
  • Ricardo completed a bond.

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