This week begins after the party had attacked the goblin encampment outside of Poft. In the camp they encountered a Jackalwere which Ricardo had managed to defeat. They had set up for the night inside the remains of the goblin encampment and Ritch had just found a silver ring in a wooden box and Cobblepot was with him.


After inspection Ritch puts the silver ring on. When this happens Cobblepot sees a flash of white light appear from Ritch's finger. Cobblepot turns around to avoid the light and after the light disappates he turns back around to see Ritch has vanished.


After Ritch puts the ring on he is blinded by the light before recovering and realising he is now in an obsidian building within what appears to be in a large cool bedroom, facing the door. He immediately draws his sword and hears a voice asking who he is. As Ritch turns around he sees a person standing next to the bed, the origin of the voice. The figure is wearing a dark robe and instead of a face and hands there is just bones. The figure annouces himself as Darth. When asked Ritch introduces himself hesitantly.

When Ritch looks out of the window of the room he see that there is no ground and just blackness. To the side he sees a waterfall that is gushing water into the nothingness below. When asked about the water Darth is shocked, explaining that this is how he came to power. Looking out of the room Ritch sees 2 Spriggans by the doorway. Ritch bolts out the door and down a corridor, away from Darth as he laughs at him, telling the guards to let him go.

Back at camp Cobblepot goes and wakes up the rest of the party and tells them about Ritch vanishing. He has to convince them that he didn't kill Ritch and that he did in fact vanish. The party decide to sleep on it and do not do anything about the situation that night.

In Narsh Ritch continues running through the palace before exiting and seeing the city of Narsh, it being a floating island. Ritch sighs and slowly heads back towards Darth's room. As Ritch answers Darth questions about his history he slowly and in a concealing manner attempts to remove the ring from his finger. Darth holds up the box that Ritch discarded when first appearing in the room which originally contained the ring. Darth informs him that there are 2 words (elvish) that are written inside the box. He hands the box back to Ritch who quickly places the ring back on his finger. Ritch decides to tell Darth that the ring was the item that was in the box.

Upon inspection Darth tells Ritch that he had originally given this ring to someone to track down 2 humans, an elf and a gnome. Ritch instantly thrusts his sword towards Darth who does not react and Ritch's sword just goes through his robe without hurting him. Ritch drops his sword and Darth informs him that he had sent Leon the Jackalwere to bring them all to Narsh. Darth explains that he had no intention of harming the party and instead wanted them to a job for him, he also mentions the destruction of the town Balamb. Darth says that the job is still on offer and can be completed anytime and then tells Ritch to say the word lep which sends Ritch back to the party.

Return to The Goblin EncampmentEdit

Ritch seeing he is back at the campfire immediately runs into the buildings and starts waking the party up as he thinks there all in terrible danger, to which Cobblepot wakes up and asks where Ritch went, to which Ritch replies Narch. Ritch then takes off the ring and throws it into the fire, but is retreived moments later by Ricardo. Ritch then explains what happened to him when he put on the ring and about what Darth told him, but he is very suspicious about this as he belives the people Darth sent were hunting the party and tried to kill them.

The party then discuss if the group of goblins and the Jackleware were after them or not which leads to the party being suspicious, if it really Ritch that returned and ends up with the party accepting his dodgy answer to a question Cobblepot asks him because of his below average intellegence. The party then decides to use the ring to travel to Narsh and as they are packing all their gear and putting it on the horses, Bennett the eleven guard from Poft arives with a two eleven guard in tow to tell them that the elven elder has heard of the battle and is going to be throwing a feast for them back in Poft.

Ricardo critizes the eleven elder as he had said early that there were no guards to spare, to which Bennetts says that all potential enemies have been destroyed, to find out off Ritch that Balamb was resently destroyed by Darth and the men that attacked Poft were people hired by Darth. Bennets is shocked when he hears this and tells them he must return to the village immediatly and asks if the party which to come back with him. The party discuss the idea of going back to Poft but descide to go see Darth, and with Bennett being in a bad mood about being in the wilderness and the party saying that they hope against the inevitable destruction of Poft, Bennett leaves angry at the party.

Back to NarshEdit

The party finish packing their gear and make a circle round the fire. Holding each others hands, Ricardo puts the ring on his finger and they teleport finding themsevles on their horses in Darth's bedroom with him asleep on the bed. The party dismount their horses. Ritch goes over and wakes up Darth, who although confused at first when he sees the rest of the party, he calls the guards. Ritch and Ricardo raise their weapons, but Darth tells the guards to escort them to their rooms and is slightly annoyed as his sleep has been interupted twice now.

The party are then shown to their rooms and told that they will be informed when Darth wakes up. Ricardo then procceds to trick Riley to sleep in the same room as him. Ricardo goes to sleep but Riley is scared because of the story Ricardo told her about the death of his people before he went to sleep. Later that day when Cobblepot wakes up, in the safety of the room uses detect evil and detects a strong presence of evil in the direction of Darth's room, but when pointed towards the party no evil is detected. The party all exit the rooms and are excorted to dinner.

At dinner they discuss the job and that Darth wants them to investigate a door to find out where it leads, which needs human blood to open, which worries Riley and Ritch. The party questioned Darth of why he didn't get other humans to open the door and says that no human has survived the journey which worries Ritch, but then says he can provide transport to their destionation on the ship Highwind. They decide to do the job after Ricardo tried to bargain for more money which annoyed Darth and he threatened to just drag them there if they didn't agree to do what he said.

Copplepot asks if the party can talk in private, to which Darth complies and leaves the room. Copplepot then procceds to inform the party that he detected evil on Darth. The party not suprised by this information don't want to work for an evil person, but see no other choice in the matter. The party decide that should be wary and when they've discovered what's on the other side of the door, think of something to do then. Ricardo then shouts of Darth and he enters the room and the party discuss with him the idea of getting better equitment to be prepared for the potential dangers that this door contains and make a deal with him that he will get the gear back when they return from the quest.

They exit Darth's palace and go to Nebbet's Magic shop and as they enter it looks like exact same magic shop as the magic shop's in Poft and Balamb, with the being behind the counter looking like Axelaw. They explain to Nebbet that they need equitment for a task for Darth, but he does not believe them as they don't have proof that what they say is true. Ricardo then puts the ring on and is transported to Darth's room, which annoys Darth who asks him what he wants, Ricardo explains the situation and then Darth scribbles a note on a piece of paper and hands it to Ricardo. Ricardo gets back to Riley waiting outside as nothing interested her inside the shop and goes in and hands the note to Nebbet. Nebbet reads the note and informs Ricardo that he upset Darth so he won't pay for his gear, so in response to this Ricardo puts on the ring and transports to Darth's room. Ricardo proceed's to walk about the palace in search of Darth, until a guard comes up to him wondering whats he's doing and finds out he's in the libary. Meanwhile in the magic shop Ritch recieve's two hand axes and Cobblepot recieve's a breastplate and a potion of delusion.

Back in the libary, Ricardo search's the libary for Darth walking the whole length scanning the rows with no success, so goes out and asks a guard where he says he saw him go into the libary not to long ago. Ricardo re-enters the libary and shouts out to Darth and hears a clicking and walks around the libary somemore until he hears the sound of a wall moving, which he thinks is a secret door and he hears more clicking that sounds like a conversation between the skeletons. He quietly sneaks back to the entrance of the libary and pretend's to have just walked into the libary and shout's out to Darth. He see's Darth with a couple over skeletons in coversation and asks Darth why he hasn't recieved a magic item, trying to persuade Darth to give him a magical item, but utimately fails and leaves upset by something that Darth said to the other skeletons before he left as he hear's hysterical laughter from the skeletons as he leaves the libary. Turning around angry tells them that he killed the Jacklewere in one hit, but is not heared as the skeletons are laughing to loudly. He grabs a skeleton repeats himself then walks out of the libary.

Traveling on the HighwindEdit

As the party meet outside, a strong wind blasts them from the direction of the dock outside the palace and they see a giant airship park and it starts unloading it's cargo. A short person dressed in green with a cane with red hair walks out and inqires if their the four he is taking to the door, which the party confirms. As they walk on the ship they find out his name is Captain O'Riley. The party have a short conversation with Captain O'Riley, which afterwards Captain O'Riley goes to the captain's quarters and the party are escorted below deck. 

While travling over the land of Ehbon, Cobblepot goes up on deck to enjoy the view and Ricardo follows him to ask again what the reason that his people had to die. Cobblepot tells him that he doesn't want to upset him just before the mission, so he promises if they survive and when their back on the airship he will tell him the reason why. Ricardo accepts. Later that day up on deck Copplepot asks Ricardo if he is romantically interested in Riley, which he admits he is and is having trouble advancing the relationship, so Cobblepot said he would help him out somehow. A half a day later while on top deck, the party watch a battle going on in a town below them which looks like it's in ruins. They go over the cliff in the centre of the world which is near the town of Poft and after a day the landscape, eventually the airship lands a ways away from the moutain, so far in fact that they couldn't even see the tip anymore.

Captian O'Riley comes out of his room and meets the party on the top of deck, informing them that this is as far a he goes. Ritch asks Captain O'Riley about the people before not making it and if he knew anything about it. Captain O'Riley tells them that he transported what seems like thousand's of people, but they were always alone. He then asked him how many humans he'd transported, which he replied about 30 and all of them were transported back to Narsh. Ritch turned to the party remembering that Darth had said that none of the humans that were transported, had ever returned. Ritch then insults Captain O'Riley, getting the party kicked of the ship.

The DoorEdit

When off the ship the party walk through a group of tree's, a very rare sight in ehbon. As the go a little way into the forest they see a rectangular shaped object. As the party walk towards it they see the door that Darth was refuring too. They see it is black with a circle to one side with a point, where you could prick your finger, feeding into a bigger circle in the centre of the door and a second one on the other side. Ritch goes up to one of the circles and pricks his thumb on his left hand. Riley goes up and repeats the action with the other circle but uses her right hand. Both Ritch's and Riley's blood are sucked up by little holes in the centre circle. The party observes the two circles that were used to draw the blood melt into the door and on the right hand side a door knob starts to form. Recardo and Cobblepot back away from the door, while Ritch stands beside Riley while she opens the door.

Notable EventsEdit

  • Ritch encounters Darth

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