This week begins were the party are standing in the, just after the airship ride from Captain O'Riley. Where both Riley and Ritch gave some blood as sacrifice, which Riley is turning the door knob that formed, to open the door.


Apon opening the door the party see a room made of wood with intricate hand crafted carving along the walls. On closer inspection Cobblepot recognizes the carving as an ancient long forgotten language known as the language used by the gods to comunticate with each other. Ritch then strides into the room and notices that their a buttons written in this long forgotten language and the light eminating from these buttons, gets dimmer as they go down from 5-1 and they also look older the closer to the floor they are. Riley then runs in the room and shuts the door trying to keep Cobblepot  and Ricardo outside but fails, as Cobblepot opens the door moments later.

The Elevator/MobleisEdit

When all the Party are in the room, Riley goes over to the buttons and presses them in the order 4,3,2,1 and 5 last and the door of the room immediatly slams shut and the party feel the room moving. Ritch goes over to the door and opens it. He sees that he is up in the sky and is decending to what looks like a giant continent, he immediatly slams the door shut as he thinks the party is falling from the sky. But Ricardo ignoring him entirely opens the door again and he and Cobblepot admire the amazing view. Then Ricardo jumps out of the room and casts feather fall. As the rest of the party are decending in the elevator, they pass Ricardo and get to the ground before him.

Once on the ground Riley walks out the elevator and presses the 5 button and as soon as she's steps out on the grass, the door slams shut behind her and the elevator starts decending again seperating the party. Ritch immediatly freaks out and attempts to stop the elevator but it just keeps decending. Riley looks back but it looks like there was no elevator there to begin with. In the elevator Cobblepot looks around for anything important other than the buttons and find nothing of significance. Ritch asks Cobblepot to help him but he tells him has no idea what is happening, Ritch hearing this sinks into a corner of the elevator.

Meanwhile outside the elevator, Riley freaks out because of the bueatiful weather but is soon calmed down by Ricardo. As they go over the hill, they spot a stone tower which is in the centre of a town and they see humanoid figures walking about. They decide to head towards the town.

Back in the elevator, the elevator reaches it destination and the door partcially opens. Cobblepot opens the door and a yellowish sand blows in, past the sand they see a massive body of water in front of them. Ritch and Cobblepot walk over to the edge of the water and try some of the water, which tastes salty. Cobblepot scopes up some of the water and tries to filter it, trying the water again but still tasted salty. Cobblepot and Ritch decide to head back into the elevator, Cobblepot hitting the bottom button on his way in. The door shuts and the elevator starts decending again.

Riley and Recardo make it to this town and to their suprise everyone is human, with very few of any other species. Riley goes up to people and asks if their human which confuses them one of them thinks she drunk. Ricardo tries to get some information about the town, explaining about where he came from and how he got here, to which the person excuses himself and quickly walked away. Ricardo suggests that no one in this world knows of Ehbons exsistence. Riley and Ricardo have a conversation agree on the idea of staying. Ricardo then shouts to the nearby people about where he come's from and a crowd form around Riley and Ricardo. Ricardo tries to convince them that what he say is true, but the crowd disperses and people get on with their day.

Ritch and Cobblepot have been on the elevator for a couple more minutes and it reaches anouther destination and the door opens. When they look outside the world is pitch black and a foul scent slowly fills the elevator, which smells of death. Ritch hits the first button he can reach and the door slams shuts and the elevator starts decending again.

Ricardo gives up on asking the commoners and asks a better dressed eleven man some questions, but only found that the man came from the tower before the man got insulted by something Ricardo said and left. Ricardo asks if Riley could try at finding out some information. Riley walks up to a guard and finds out of him that the town is called Mobleis. She also finds out that there is no ruler, but they can get help from the wizards in the tower and if they want to speak with a wizard they must request an audience with them. The guard decides to escort Ricardo and Riley to the tower.

The elevator once again stops decending, the door opens slight no light or smell pierces through the door. Cobblepot opens the door and they see infront of them great plains and rolling mountains, seeing that the terrain itself looks incredibly harsh similar to Ehbon. But in the distance they see mountains crumbling and lava erupting and in front of the door is a sign with a big red X on it with word that Cobblepot reads as 'failed'. Cobblepot and Ritch re-enter the elevator after investigating the sign, they hear a very loud roar which seems to be coming from some hellish beast, Cobblepot hits button number 4 on the elevator and the door slams shut. Cobblepot as soon as the door shuts cast detect evil and he gets an overwelming sense of evil. As they ascend they still hear this loud roaring noise, slowly getting quieter but eventually drowns out and stops when they ascended far enough away. As the elevator is ascending on the next floor, the elevator doesn't stop but dings and Cobblepot feels anouther sense of evil, less than before but still there and on the third floor there is no evil detected at all.

Cobblepot and Ritch hear anouther ding and arrive on the next floor exiting the elevator. Ritch climbs up the hill to the nearest tree, at first he fails to climb it but the second time he manages to grab onto a branch and pull himself up. Ritch reaching the top of the tree, looks around to see a giant tower in the middle of a town and in an anouther direction there is hilly land with bright green grass, with a forest of trees, behind them is a large body of water and in anouther direction the grass is slightly browner but looks like a plain. He tells this Cobblepot and they both decided to head toward the town, but as they walk towards the town they hear a door slam and look towards were the elevator was to find that it has disappeared.

Riley and Ricardo are being escorted by a guard to the centre point of the town, for what seems to be have been awhile now a lot longer than expect as their is no central route to the centre with a lot of winding paths. Ricardo and Riley notice that the closer they get to the tower the wealthier the people and the houses seem to look. They start talking with the guard and find out their are nine wizards in the tower and that it is one of the Seven Towers of Sorcery. A missunderstanding happens with the guard, leaving Ricardo and Riley to find their own way. Looking around them they notice, there is a inn and a forge close by. Ricardo looking around for anouther guard, doesn't see one so decides to go to the local inn to see if the can get any information.


Ritch and Cobblepot make it to the edge of the town and they notice is there are loads of humans walking around which is an unusual sight for them. Ritch looks around for a person who's been in the area for a while an spots a person in front one of the building selling some sort of food. Ritch buys some chicken feet to get the information and finds out that Riley and Ricardo were talking to a guard and started following the guard somewhere. Cobblepot then asked which direction they went and had to by some more chicken legs and finds out they went in the direction of the tower. They head off in the direction of the tower.

Ricardo and Riley have been in the pub for a few minutes, asks the bartender if he knows how to get an audience with a wizard and the bartender telling him he doesn't know anything about them. He then points out a man that works at the office in the tower, Ricardo goes up to the man and asks him the same question, but is looked at by the man briefly and then he goes back to his conversation. Riley goes up to the bar and orders another drink taking it to the man and asks him how they can get an audience in the tower. Seeing he is very drunk asks the other people if they can help, the others telling her they carn't. Riley pulls the guy out of his chair to take him to the tower, to find out that there is no one in the tower and that everyone has retired to their homes. He says his name is Joe and suggests them coming to his office tommorow.

Ritch and Cobblepot are now close to the tower. They keep heading towards the tower keeping a look out for Ricardo and Riley, seeing no sight of them continue towards the tower. After 20-30 minutes they reach the base. Copplepot asks Ritch to asks the guards if they have seen Ricardo and Riley. Ritch goes up and asks, the guard replies he doesn't know, but when Ritch describes them in a little bit more detail, he motions a guard and the guard at the door of the tower walks forward down the steps. When the guard reaches them asking whats wrong, the other guard relays the information and the guard points to the intersection where a guard left Ricardo and Riley. Ritch and Cobblepot go over to where the guard pointed.

Ricardo back at the pub asks where the nearest hotel/inn is and the bartender says he has a couple of rooms that can be rented, staying at the bar for a little Ricardo decides to get a single room. Riley exits the bar to go to the forge. Riley walks up the forge and see someone banging a hammer on the inside of the building, knocking on the door a shout comes from the inside saying the shop is closed. Riley argues with him, but the man opens the door. The ogre informs her that the owner is away and she'll have to come back tommorow to buy anything, which she suggests if she bought stuff now he would keep the profits. He considers and ushers her into the shop, she asks if he has anything better than the equitment she has now, but the orge having not seen this type of metal before carn't offer her anything. Riley then walks out of the store fustrated.

Ritch and Ricardo are approaching the intersection, when they see Riley exit a shop. Ritch shout's Riley name to get her attention. Riley relays Ricardo's idea of going to the tower tommorow and they all start heading to the bar, when the orge runs out of the shop with Riley's swords as she left them behind. Ritch see this orge running at them with sword in each hand, draws and slash's his sword at the ogre cutting his belly open. The ogre curses in shock bending over on one nee, at the same time a half-orge boy walks out of the shop, wondering why his father is on the ground and he orders his boy Tudagub to go back inside the house.

Ritch apologizes to the ogre explaining that he thought he was going to attack them. The ogre starts shouting for the guards, but none seem to come. Cobblepot then uses Command Forgive. The orge opens his eyes and starts screaming at Ritch that he's sorry, in which Ritch says sorry back looks in his backpack grabbing an old shirt ripping it into strands and uses them to bind his wounds. Tudagub the half ogre boy comes up to his father and after Ritch explains that he accidently wounded his father on purpose, the boy runs to find guards. Riley runs after him and tackles him to the ground, picking him up starts dragging him back to the shop. Cobblepot goes over to the Orge asking him to calm down uses a healing spell. The Orge stands up looking down baffled by this and punches Ritch.

He gestured them all to come into the shop, which Ritch does very carefully. They then have a conversation about what the orge's going to do as he needs one of the party to work for him, but is resovled as Ritch gives him 97 gold and 8 silver. As they exit the forge from behind them the can hear the Orge laughing to himself. Cobblepot standing outside the blacksmith shop, uses Detect Magic towards the shop and doesn't detect any magic. The party head to the inn, Ritch buying his own room and the other three members in the other the party go to sleep.

Visit from the StrangerEdit

Half way through the night Ritch wakes up to the door of his room slamming shut, he gets up to investigate the noise and see that standing before him is the same hooded fellow who was talking to Lavos. He asks Ritch how he came to get here, to which Ritch explains everything that happened. He then asks how did he found the door, to which he said Darth told the party about it. He turns rounds and shakes his head in disbelief, then asked Ritch to tell him every detail of what he has done in this world, to which he admited he just stabbed a blacksmith, about the party getting seperated and the others plan to go in the tower. After hearing this he shakes his head back and forth distressed mumbling to himself. Ritch ask The Stranger what the purpose of the Beast is on floor one, which is described to him for only on purpose which is the destruction of worlds, which will soon be released on the second world. Telling him that the Gods are very new at creating worlds and Ehbon is only the fifth one they have created, each time getting a little bit better at making the world. The Stranger says that he needs to get the party back to Ehbon, but Ritch like's being in the world because he finds it pretty and he doesn't have to eat bugs all time, saying he wants to stay. But The Stranger says that they carn't stay.

Ritch says that Ebhon is better but worse than this world, to which The Stranger replied that the humans challenged the Gods, which the god hate being defied by the stupid humans in this world. Explain that the reason there are so few humans in Ehbon, is because the God's hate humans. Ritch laughs in disbelief but The Stranger says that humans always cause trouble using the fact of them being able to travel to anouther world, always messing things up. The Stranger goes back and touches the wall again, ignoring Ritch as if trying to figure something out telling him not to mess with anything, telling him he will be back in a couple of days and that this conversation never happened and to not tell any of the others about this, at which point he leaves the room. Ritch then goes back to sleep.

The TowerEdit

The party wake up and at breakfast, Ricardo asks where Ritch and Cobblepot went to which Cobblepot explains to him what happened after Riley hit the button in the elevator, Ritch cuts of Cobblepot part way through explaing what happened. Ritch says wants to go back as he feels like they shouldn't be here, but the other party members says they want to stay forever. Cobblepot continues explaining what happened to them, about the other worlds and how they got darker and scarier. They decided to go with the information to the wizards in the tower, to see if they know anything more about it.

The party get to the steps of the tower, going up until the reach the door which is wide open. The party enter the tower, noticing as they enter the tower it looks as somehow as large as the town. Riley goes up to guard and ask where the offices are, to which the guard asks who she is looking for as there are many offices but had forgotten the guys name. Riley goes up to the same guard again and asks how they can get an audience with the wizards. He says that they carn't get an audience with all the wizards, only one. Pulling out a piece of paper he says that they can see one in 10 minutes, asking and writing down all the party's names. Telling them they need to go to section J room 9. Riley asks for directuon, he gives directions but it takes some time for the party to arrive at their destination. They knock on the door which swings opens into a dimley lit room with a couple of chairs and a table, but they find no sign of anybody within the room. Ricardo shouts to draw attention to the party, to which he gets no reply. Cobblepot and Ricardo start investigating the room. After going up and down the room while investigating, Cobblepot places his hand on the wall realising that there is acctually no wall there, as his hand goes through it discovering that it is an illusionary wall.

Just then everyone hears a voice asking What can I do for you?. Ricardo tells the wizard that they are from the World of Ehbon, if there is anyway to get back there and why noone knows about Ehbon. There is no response from the wizard for a period when a flash of light fills the room and as it disappears a man in plain clouthing is left in it's place. He asks Ricardo to repeat what he had just said, Ricardo complies. The wizards asks where he is from, to which Ricardo says Ehbon, telling him that he thinks it is anouther world. Telling him how the party got here through an elevator, about that fact that Darth told them where the room was, about the human blood sacrifice to open the door.

The wizard after hearing this looks around the room observing the party, then asks if they could take him to this elevator, which Ritch seem hesitant about. But Ricardo says that even if they took him, it might not be there anymore. Cobblepot then inquire's what would the wizard do if they took him to the elevator, he replies saying that i would be very valuable information and simply looking to aquire information about this method of transportation. Cobblepot suggests that if they share this kind of information with him, that he gives them some sort of wealth. The wizard turns around and starts looking inquiztively at Ritch, pointing his staff asks where he came from. Cobblepot once again sees the bright blue aura surronding Ritch. Ritch questions what the third degree is for, then tells the party that he thinks that they shouldn't be telling people this stuff. The wizard is insistent pressing Ritch to answer the question, he says he comes from Bonnedoggle. The wizard tells Ritch that he has a god within him, to which Ritch had no idea. The wizard says he either has or had a presence within him. Ritch then tells him that he has met gods, at this the wizard excuses himself vanishing from the room with a flash of light.

Cobblepot during this coversation, walks through the illusionary wall to see what seems like a mirrored room and while behind this wall, casts detect evil at the wizard once he hears him start speaking and does not detect evil then re-enters the room. No one else notices this as everyone was focused on the wizard. The party have a discussion and really don't seem to have a purpose at this point in time, so Ritch suggests if the wander about in this world they might be able to find out that purpose. 45 minutes into waiting for the wizard, Ritch says that this guy is not coming back and that they should just go.

Ricardo agreeing with him casts wall of fog in the room before leaving. After casting this spell it messes with the illusionary wall, making it somewhat translucant which Ricardo notices. Ritch and Ricardo stick their heads through the illusionary wall. Ricardo then thinks that the wizard was hiding something, while Ritch goes up to the other wall and tries to stick his hand through it hurting his hand as he hit the wall as he did it forcibly, Cobblepot trying to sound surprised at this recent "discovery".

The party exit the opposite door and walk down the hallway. As they get to the end of the hall they realise, that it connects to the same room that they walked into and the other hall is full with more rooms. Ritch opens anouther door, to anouther dimly lit room and apon entering the room a female voice asks What can I do for you?, Ricardo tells her that he doesn't have an appointment but the other wizard, ditched the party. She immediatly says If you don't have an appointment, get out Ricardo says you must be a friend of the wizard in the pink boots, but she just repeats herself. Then Ricardo says that they have a god with them to which she howls in laughter, telling him that she'll have to remove them. A strong wind pushes all of the party agianst the wall, Ritch shouts 'lem' but remebers he doesn't have the ring and Ricardo isn't wearing it so nothing happens. The party all leave the room and on either side of them, there are two sets of guards saying come with us.

Notable EventsEdit

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