"Err, let's get out of here!"
—Cobblepot Toolspark
Cobblepot Toolspark




Cleric / Tinkerer / Engineer


Cobblepot Toolspark is a somewhat cocky, bitter old Gnome Cleric. Cobblepot had a regular upbringing, actually being so ordinarily boring that he has dismissed it as not worth his time recollecting. He is quick to reminisce his times learning his trade as a Tinkerer / Engineer however, and will tell you just how good he was! Truth of the matter is, Cobblepot was actually fired from his trade, leaving him with a chip on his shoulder and purpose in his stride.  

He is out to prove himself, and will show that he is worthy to pretty much anyone he meets. Nothing will stop this Gnome!

Key EventsEdit


  • Cobblepot grew up in a town called Raekwon which was so boring he finds it boring to remember, apart from the time when he learnt his Tinkering and Engineering skills.
  • He wants to prove himself and make himself worthy in the eyes of everyone he meets.

During the CampaignEdit

  • -


  • Has a Napoleon Complex
  • Wears a bear skin cloak on his back which he aquired in Week 7
  • Worships the God Mechanus

Notable Equipment ChronologyEdit

  • Ring of Clear Thinking - The user has the ability to predict a person's actions before they act.
  • Ring of Shared Thought - Gives the user the ability to read the person wearing the twin ring's thoughts.


A warrior of the cult trapped the party in a burning house in Week 19, and unfortunately Cobblepot was killed by him, who sliced him to pieces with 2 consequential critical hits. Riley skewered the warrior soon after, thus avenging Cobblepot.

Notable Feats and KillsEdit

  • -

Kill CountEdit

  • Week 1: 1 Goblin
  • Week 2: 1 Worg
  • Week 3: 2 Goblin,
  • Week 4: None
  • Week 5: None
  • Week 6: 1 Zombie
  • Week 7: None
  • Week 8: 1 squirrel, 1 spider
  • Week 9: None
  • Week 10: None
  • Week 11: None
  • Week 12: Fake Zanzill
  • Week 13: None
  • Week 14: 2 Ogres
  • Week 17: Feyr
  • Week 18: Mimic
  • Week 19: Shadow

Notable quotesEdit

Week 1Edit

  • "I'm gonna take a bunch of forks and try to create a crude filtering system."

Week 4Edit

  • "...I hit you across the face with my wrench a couple times, you might change your tune."

Week 8Edit

  • Riley: "GET DOWN" Cobblepot: "I'm a gnome, i'm already down"