Coronado Vasquez
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Coronado is a very flamboyent elf. Little is known about his past so far, apart from some messy buisness with a former employer. He is extravagantly dressed and is very crucial about fashion, suggesting to the party when he first meets them to buy some finer clothing. He is looking for adventure and fun, nothing too serious.

Key eventsEdit


  • Is somewhat reluctant to talk about his past, as there was some messy buisness that he would rather not remember.

During the CampaignEdit

  • Joined the party shortly after Ritch's death, after meeting Ricardo who immediatly became friends with him and joins him to meet up with the rest of the party.


  • Seems to have an extensive knowledge of fashion.
  • Unlike normal leather armor which is brown, his is white.

Notable Equitment ChronologyEdit

  • -

Notable Feats and KillsEdit

  • -

Kill CountEdit

  • Week 15: None
  • Week 19: Shadow

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