A goblin warrior that was put in charge of Fiddlesticks' caravan. He has very little fighting experience and before working with the party had previously not been involved in a single battle.


He was put in charge of the caravan that was to collect water from the well that the party had previously scouted out. He had 2 other goblin warriors and 4 mechanics with him.

When travelling to the well he is overheard by the party discussing the situation back in Balamb concerning Darth and Fiddlesticks. He is concerned over Fiddlesticks selling Balamb to Darth.

When the caravan arrives at the well and discovers that it is dry he orders the mechanics to go back to Balamb and ask for help whilst he and the other 2 goblin warriors went to support the party. When they find the enemy goblin caravan that had taken the water from the well Corvasse gets agitated with the party's indecisiveness and marches into the enemy camp. He puts oil on his chest to cover up the insignia and attempts to talk with the enemy goblins. The larger goblin of the camp rises up and comes over to him and puts a sword to his neck but the rest of the party attack the camp and save him. He attempts to attack one of the enemy goblins in the battle but trips over the caravan wheel and knocks himself unconscious.

He escorts the party back to Balamb and to Fiddlesticks' house before being dismissed.