The world of Ehbon is very young and very hostile. The crust of the land feels new and ever changing. Remnants of civilization lie amongst the cooling rock: immeasurable structures towering over the rest of the worlds inhabitants, stuck deep within the charred ground.

People say Ehbon is the blueprint of the ancients. They leave their territories and meet every so often to discuss the world: its design, its growth, its troubles. No one knows how old the ancients are, where they are from, or how long this meeting has been happening, only that it does.

Every race has an ancient responsible for them. They are regarded as living gods and worshiped accordingly, walk among everyday life more than people know, and they are only known by their names and have been revealed to have many forms. In their native forms, they are colossal beings, but rarely do they show themselves in this fashion.

After gold, water is the most precious resource in Ehbon. It is controlled by barons across the land. More and more wells are found and raided every day and the only flowing rivers exist deep in the forests to the west.